Competitive, Fun, Flexible 

2-Man Scramble Format Rules

  • Both players tee off and then pick the best shot
  • Both players then hit from that location
  • The ball can moved within one club length of the best shot (except on the green), but no closer to hole
  • You can not move out of the rough, sand trap or hazard with your one club length
  • When you are on the green, you both putt from the marked spot.
  • Repeat this process until you hole out.
  • All putts must be holed - no gimmees!
  • There is no minimum number of drives per person.
  • Final score is computed as Total Gross Score

Golf Course & Tee-Time Selection

  • Paired teams will receive their opponents contact information once the bracket has been updated.
  • The "Home" team listed on the tournament bracket chooses the course for that round.
  • An Executive, or "Par 3", course is allowed as a selection option for the Home team.
  • A list of courses in the tournament area is provided under the "Book Tee Time" page.
  • Once both teams have agreed on a time, the home team is responsible for booking the Tee-Time at the selected course.
  • In the event that time constraints prevent playing 18 holes, and both parties agree before the round has begun, a 9 hole round can be played to determine the winner.